Mauricio Illustration


Mauricio Guimaraes


My name is Mauricio, I'm an experienced concept artist and illustrator based in Montreal, Canada, currently working as a Senior 2D Artist. I'm a 2D powerhouse, capable of producing concept illustrations at a high speed while maintaining great quality, but also having a keen eye for art direction and self-guidance.

In my 19 years career, I have developed a wide range of skills that allowed me to work fast under pressure and gave me a broad variety of visual styles. I believe that my versatility and self-driven attitude contribute to build a strong and cohesive environment.

I've always had a strong passion to storytelling through visual media. That's what I really love doing and you can expect a passionate and dedicated contributor to your project.

Download my resume, My Linkedin profile.

Email-me: hello@mauricioillustration.com